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The Studio Novi Records Mission

Studio Novi Records exists to fill the gap that most artists encounter on their way to a major label. Very few artists will succeed in today's music marketplace. Only a tiny percentage of artists will ever be signed to one of the major labels, and even when that happens, the perks of being on a major label are not as exciting as they were even 20 years ago. On average, roughly 80% of the tiny percentage of artists signed to a major... won't "make it."

However, we understand that most artists still want to be picked up by a major, and we are here to help in your journey. Major labels are looking for a complete ready-to-buy package. That means that just having talent is no longer the major consideration. You need to have already proven that you have commercial potential. That is why independent labels are so important, but not all indie labels are created equal. Studio Novi truly cares about its artists from their conception to their launch. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, we can help you produce a finished product that could be enticing to one of the majors and give you bragging rights and a few dollars along the way.

  About Studio Novi Records

Take Charge of Your Career

Studio Novi Records is actively seeking artists to sign to our roster. If you have a demo that you believe has potential, then we want to hear it. We do listen carefully to each submission, but due to the volume of submissions we receive, it may take a little time for us to get back to you. Selected artists will work closely with our producers to create a fully finished and polished product. Once the music is at a competitive level, artists will be promoted in various ways. Studio Novi Records operates entirely on a percentage basis, and we offer the highest royalties of any independent label.

We are open to talented artists in most genres, but we typically do not work in blues, jazz, hip-hop, Tejano, or gospel.

Today's music marketplace is truly global and SNR is quickly becoming a musical conduit between the United States and Europe.  We specialize in finding and promoting innovative artists with an international appeal.  With aggressive online marketing and assertive digital distribution, Studio Novi Records has no boundaries!
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